Configuring SQL2012 mirroring for XenDesktop

Came across these resources for configuring SQL2012 mirroring for XenDesktop and XenApp envoirnment, keeping here for reference :

How to Learn SCCM 2007 and SCCM 2012

I have noticed that lot of people ask the question “How to learn SCCM?”. In my opinion learning any technology requires a continuous dedicated effort with discipline ..with time we master it . I am putting together some links nice articles written by SCCM SMEs on different blogs. I hope this will be helpful for folks who are looking for some guidance :

Windows Noob:
Learn SCCM 2007:

Learn SCCM 2012 :

Articles by Anoop NAir: 

Microsoft Virtual Academy : 

Some discussion going on in LinkedIn:

When we need CAS in SCCM1012

I was working on  SCCM2012  design for a small environment and wanted to figure out if I need to incorporate CAS ( Central Administration Site ) in the design. Initially I was assuming that CAS will provide HA in the environment, but I was wrong . CAS is only required when we want to manage 100K+ clients  and when we have multiple primary sites. For a relatively small environment,  people are recommending to go with stand alone primary site.

Here are some links for a good reference on CAS:

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